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Recording | Editing | Sound Designing | Mixing

Podcast Production

DR Lyd "Se mig, like mig"

Recorded, edited, sound designed & mixed by Martin Frank

A great challenge with +10 actors, hours of recordings and a fun sound design. Very proud of this one!

DR Lyd "Krigens Reality"

Sound designed & mixed by Martin Frank

Recorded on various locations, so a lot of "problem solving" on this one. But a very personal and strong story from a guy who doesn't hold back. A good listen for sure!

DocEye Digital "Skriv når du er hjemme"

Mixed by Martin Frank

For a guy this podcast is pretty eye-opening. I newer really gave it much thought how it is to be a woman with all the "male attention" and the uncertainties that comes with that. Recorded with a handheld device so a LOT of fixing on this one but it ended up good, give it a listen.

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